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I believe it is a 86MM motor but it doesn't have any markings on the pistons. I was told when I bought it that rings and bearing have been done. The motor has been hot tanked and the inside is extremely clean. It looks like it is ready to be put back together and installed in a car. I have the short block, head and the pan all are in great shape. Will fit all TR2 - TR4 A and also Morgan Plus 4's   $850 or OBO. 
Contact Richard at:  541-six eight zero-0641   or   email HERE

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                                          BUCKLE BUDDEE

Are you one of the many that have a bonnet belt on your MOG?  Are you concerned that the buckle end will hit the wing when you unbuckle the belt?  If so you need a Buckle Buddee to cover the buckle end of the belt to protect your paint.  The Buckle Buddee is 4.5  in x 6 in and has a magnet sewn inside to secure the covered buckle to any steel surface at hand.  Color choice and exotic add-ons available.  $29.95
Custom leather work available.  email HERE:  or 541-six-eight-zero-0641. 
Bonnet Corner Cozies

Custom Leather hood corner cozies to protect the bonnet corners and paint on the wings.  For MOGs and any other car that has a butterfly hood.  4 piece set $20.00.

Custom leather pieces made to order

Richard Routt

email  HERE    or   541 six eight zero 0641
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