Date / Time:  Saturday, July 16, starting at 12:30.
Location:  Richard and Maureen Routt’s house:  34553
Keliher Drive, Warren, OR 97053.
Driving Tour:  A one hour driving tour will leave Routt’s at
approximately 1:00 o’clock.  If you would like to
participate, please arrive before 1:00.
2:00 to 4:00 Vespers:  A bit early for vespers, but what
the hey!  Please bring your own alcoholic
beverage.  Coffee and soft drinks will be furnished.
4:00 Dinner:  Dinner will be furnished by the club.  You
are not required to bring food.
IMPORTANT NOTE:   If you plan to attend, please call
either Richard (541-680-0641) or Maureen
(503-396-6967) so we can get a headcount.  We wouldn’t
want anyone to go hungry.